From the Wisdom Of David Sinclair – How To Elongate your Lifespan


Being a biologist and a professor in genetics, David Sinclair is a well-known personality in the anti-aging world. Speaking of elongating one’s lifetime, he is an avid user of resveratrol as he believes that the ingredient turns back the aging clock.

Sinclair is a co-founder of many influential biotechnology platforms like ArcBio, OvaScience, and Liberty Biosecurity. Even though he is not a vegetarian, he tries his best not to consume red meat because it includes a notorious component – Trimethylamine N-oxide, which can potentially lead to heart diseases.

David Sinclair got his Ph.D. from the University of New South Wales and is currently a professor at Harvard, where he has been employed since 1999. If these facts have raised your curiosity, let’s dig in further.

The Dietary Habits of David Sinclair

What does Sinclair eat to achieve a maximum life expectancy? Well, he has formulated his very own dietary regimen and living habits based on his knowledge of longevity. In case you want to follow his customized dietary specifications as well, check them out below:


  1. Coffee in the morning.
  2. He often skips lunch and breakfast as he practices intermittent fasting. This type of fasting reduces the amount of calorie consumption and, in turn, promotes anti-aging.
  3. Going easy on protein consumption. David mainly consumes fish or chicken.
  4. Not taking much-refined sugar and carbs.
  5. Eating tons of veggies as they are natural reservoirs of micronutrients like polyphenols. This aids the human cells in fighting stressors which ultimately offers anti-aging benefits.

The Routine Supplements of David Sinclair

The famed anti-aging professor keeps it minimal with the anti-aging tools. You can see the doses and names of longevity supplements added to his routine:

  1. Vitamin D3 and vitamin K2.
  2. 1 gram of metformin each night as it prevents heart diseases, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and the aging process.
  3. 1 gram of Nicotinamide Mononucleotide and a half gram of resveratrol coupled with yogurt. Both of these ingredients are taken in the morning. He believes that resveratrol and NMN protect the body against aging and health conditions.


Lastly, his supplement routine includes Statin as well, but this is only because his family history has cholesterol. Hence, Statin should not be considered as an anti-aging supplement. Apart from this, he has been religiously consuming resveratrol for 12 years; and NMN and metformin for three years.

For the purpose of absorbing resveratrol in the body, it is suggested to have some fat with it. For example, the user can take whole milk, nuts, or full-fat yogurt.

Wrapping it up

So, these were the valuable lessons everyone can learn from David Sinclair. But it is important to know that merely taking the above-mentioned supplements isn’t enough as lifestyle habits are equally important.

For instance, if you are overweight, a night owl, love to consume protein and don’t consume many vegetables, then you won’t be seeing any results. Remember that turning back the aging clock is a hard battle, and you can only win if you stay healthy in all aspects of life.