The Clinical Trial Results of Anti-Aging Supplements for Humans



Nicotinamide Mononucleotide is an organic molecule popular for many roles it actively plays in bodily functions. One of these roles makes it fit to be termed as a longevity supplement. Aging research laboratories have investigated this molecule on a huge scale to decide whether it really is an anti-aging elixir.

Numerous test trials have been done on mice already but now, a human clinical investigation has been carried out by researchers of Washington University School of Medicine and University School of Medicine in Tokyo.

Goal of the clinical trial

NMN was first emerged in consumer market in the form of capsules after determining positive results of the NMN supplements in animals. But since it cannot be administered on human body without studying it in detail, clinical applicability on humans is yet to become fully accepted. This is the goal of the clinical trial. In the first trial, it is crucial to know if it is safe to use or not. For this purpose, the metabolites of NMN were administered in small doses. As a result, it was revealed that 500 mg of nicotinamide mononucleotide was safe to consume orally. Therefore, the 500 mg is set as the standard healthy dosage for all anti-aging supplementation.

As for the second part of the study, it focused on any possible consequences of the long term administration of NMN. Moreover, how the high dosage affects the glucose metabolism was also the target of this study. Clinical trials led by Washington University determined the consequences of NMN on liver fat, insulin sensitivity, tissues, lipids and muscles. Likewise, it was also medically significant to study and find out the impacts of the molecule on the hormones and hormonal level. This is being researched in Hiroshima University, Institute of Biomedical and Health Sciences.

However, we cannot overlook the potentially vast consumer base of NMN which will be the older individuals. The medicine is fundamentally made for them to gain its benefits of anti-aging. For this study, the University of Tokyo Hospital has investigated the changes in the body of the elderly people after they take long term administration of the molecule.



Wrapping it up

NMN is the main producer of NAD and NAD+ which are significant for the biochemical reactions and processes. These reactions complete the physiologic processes crucial for bodily functions which which makes NMN an essential element for human body. The amount of these molecules reduce with age which is why taking supplements can help maintain NMN amounts. You can check out a range of supplements at NMN by Alivebyscience and may start recovering all the energy and endurance of a young body. This youthful potion is valuable for your wrinkles, poor eyesight, weak bones and every ailment which comes with age.